Top 1,100 Boy Names for Your Baby Boy in 2023 | Pampers (2023)

There’s so much to do when preparing for the birth of your baby boy, and finding the perfect name is probably right near the top of the list. To help, we’ve collated a list of 1,100 strong, classic, awesome, one-syllable, unique, pretty, cute, and more baby boy names. With so many good options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect name for your new arrival.

The Top 100 Awesome Baby Boy Names

How do we get the top names? Each year, the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) scours information on trends relating to births and baby names used in the United States. Using this research, the SSA then ranks the top names for girls and boys. It’s quite handy if you want to follow the trends, but the list is always about one year behind. Still, it’s a great resource, as it releases the top 1,000 names in order of popularity.It’s tricky to read 1,000 names at once, so first, check out the top 100 male baby names in the United States in recent years. With a popular name, your little guy will fit in well with his generation, so take a look at these awesome and trendy baby boy names.

1. Liam2. Noah3. Oliver4. Elijah5. William6. James7. Benjamin8. Lucas9. Henry10. Alexander11. Mason12. Michael13. Ethan14. Daniel15. Jacob16. Logan17. Jackson18. Levi19. Sebastian20. Mateo21. Jack22. Owen23. Theodore24. Aiden25. Samuel26. Joseph27. John28. David29. Wyatt30. Matthew31. Luke32. Asher33. Carter34. Julian 35. Grayson 36. Leo 37. Jayden 38. Gabriel 39. Isaac 40. Lincoln 41. Anthony 42. Hudson 43. Dylan 44. Ezra 45. Thomas 46. Charles 47. Christopher48. Jaxon 49. Maverick 50. Josiah 51. Isaiah 52. Andrew 53. Elias 54. Joshua 55. Nathan 56. Caleb 57. Ryan 58. Adrian 59. Miles 60. Eli 61. Nolan 62. Christian 63. Aaron 64. Cameron 65. Ezekiel 66. Colton 67. Luca 68. Landon 69. Hunter 70. Jonathan 71. Santiago 72. Axel 73. Easton 74. Cooper 75. Jeremiah 76. Angel 77. Roman 78. Connor 79. Jameson 80. Robert 81. Greyson82. Jordan 83. Ian 84. Carson 85. Jaxson 86. Leonardo 87. Nicholas88. Dominic89. Austin90. Everett91. Brook92. Xavier93. Kai94. Jose95. Parker96. Adam97. Jace98. Wesley99. Kayden100. Silas

Vintage and Classic Baby Boy Names

Choose from among these timeless monikers if you’re looking for a classic baby boy name with wide appeal. Many also work well for middle names and nicknames. From Alan to Scott, these baby boy names never seem to go out of style.

101. Alan102. Allan103. Allen104. Brian105. Bryan106. Cole107. Colin108. Collin109. Conner110. Conor111. Corey112. Cory113. Damian114. Damien115. Damon116. Derek117. Derrick118. Devin119. Devon120. Dilan121. Dillon122. Dominick123. Dominik124. Donovan125. Dorian126. Douglas127. Drake128. Duke129. Dustin130. Eric131. Erick132. Erik133. Gary134. Gavin135. Gunnar136. Gunner137. Jared138. Jason139. Jefferson140. Jeffrey141. Jeremy142. Joel143. Justin144. Keith145. Kenneth146. Kevin147. Kieran148. Kingsley149. Kyle150. Marc151. Mark152. Mathew153. Mitchell154. Morgan155. Nelson156. Nicolas157. Noel158. Rhett159. Rhys160. Riley161. Robin162. Scott

Baby Boy Names of the Past

If you’d like to give your baby boy one of the many old-fashioned boy names, you'll be hunting for a moniker of the past. And just because these baby boy names are old-fashioned doesn’t mean they’re not awesome, cute, powerful, or trendy!

163. Abdullah164. Abraham165. Abram166. Ahmad167. Ahmed168. Albert169. Alfred170. Alistair171. Ambrose172. Arthur173. Asa174. Atticus175. Calvin176. Carl177. Curtis178. Cyrus179. Dennis180. Desmond181. Dexter182. Donald183. Edgar184. Edward185. Edwin186. Eithan187. Elliot188. Elliott189. Emanuel190. Emmanuel191. Emmett192. Emmitt193. Eugene194. Felix195. Francis196. Frank197. Franklin198. Frederick199. George200. Gerald201. Gideon202. Gordon203. Graham204. Grant205. Graysen206. Gregory207. Hank208. Harold209. Harrison210. Harvey211. Hector212. Howard213. Hugh214. Ibrahim215. Ira216. Ismael217. Israel218. Jericho219. Jermaine220. Jerome221. Jonas222. Judah223. Jude224. Kareem225. Lance226. Langston227. Larry228. Lawrence229. Leland230. Leonard231. Leroy232. Lewis233. Lionel234. Louis235. Lucian236. Luis237. Lukas238. Lyle239. Malachi240. Malcolm241. Marshall242. Martin243. Marvin244. Mathias245. Matias246. Matthias247. Maxwell248. Melvin249. Micah250. Mohamed251. Mohammad252. Mohammed253. Mordechai254. Muhammad255. Mustafa256. Myles257. Mylo258. Nathanael259. Nathaniel260. Neil261. Oscar262. Otis263. Otto264. Patrick265. Paul266. Peter267. Philip268. Phillip269. Quentin270. Quincy271. Quinn272. Quinton273. Ramon274. Ray275. Raymond276. Reginald277. Reuben278. Richard279. Rodney280. Roger281. Roland282. Ronald283. Roy284. Ruben285. Saul286. Sean287. Seth288. Shane289. Shawn290. Silas291. Simon292. Solomon293. Stanley294. Stephen295. Steven296. Syla297. Terrance298. Thaddeus299. Timothy300. Tobias301. Toby302. Tomas303. Travis304. Trent305. Trenton306. Trevor307. Uriel308. Vance309. Victor310. Vincent311. Wade312. Wallace313. Walter314. Warren315. Wayne316. Wilson317. Winston318. Zachary

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Baby Boy Names With a Sense of Strength

The following baby boy names connote strength and power. Perhaps one reminds you of the qualities you’d love to see in your little guy’s character or personality. Whether you welcome a baby Abel, Nash, or Xander, one of these boy names might be the perfect match for your little guy.

319. Abel320. Adan321. Amir322. Anders323. Anderson324. Apollo325. Archer326. Ares327. Aries328. August329. Augustine330. Augustus331. Axl332. Axton333. Bank334. Barrett335. Blaise336. Blake337. Blaze338. Bode339. Boston340. Braden341. Bradley342. Brady343. Branson344. Braxton345. Brentley346. Briar347. Briggs348. Brixton349. Broc350. Brod351. Brooks352. Bruce353. Bryant354. Bryce355. Bryson356. Byron357. Cain358. Canaan359. Cannon360. Case361. Cash362. Cason363. Cassius364. Cayden365. Cesar366. Chase367. Clay368. Clayton369. Colt370. Colten371. Colter372. Conrad373. Corbin374. Creed375. Crew376. Cruz377. Dane378. Darwin379. Dax380. Daxton381. Deacon382. Dean383. Dhruv384. Ephraim385. Ermia386. Forest387. Forrest388. Gage389. Garrett390. Grady391. Griffin392. Hendrix393. Hezekiah394. Idris395. Ike396. Ishaan397. Ivan398. Jamal399. Jamari400. Jas401. Jasper402. Jeremias403. Jesus404. Jett405. Joaquin406. Judson407. Kabir408. Kace409. Kade410. Kaden411. Kaiser412. Kaleb413. Kamari414. Kason415. Kayse416. Kayson417. Khari418. Kole419. Kolten420. Kolton421. Korbin422. Kylia423. Kyng424. Kyson425. Ledger426. Magnus427. Major428. Malik429. Marquis430. Maxim431. Maximilian432. Maximus433. Maxton434. Mayson435. Milan436. Nash437. Nasir438. Nehemiah439. Niklaus440. Nikolai441. Nikolas442. Nixon443. Oakley444. Odin445. Omar446. Omari447. Onyx448. Orion449. Phoenix450. Pierce451. Raul452. Ridge453. River454. Rocky455. Ronan456. Ronin457. Rowan458. Royal459. Royce460. Rylan461. Ryland462. Sage463. Saint464. Samson465. Sawyer466. Seven467. Soren468. Spencer469. Sterling470. Stetson471. Stone472. Sullivan473. Sutton474. Talon475. Tanner476. Tate477. Tatum478. Thatcher479. Titan480. Titus481. Trace482. Tyson483. Ulises484. Van485. Wells486. Weston487. Wilder488. Xander489. Zyon

Pretty and Cute Baby Boy Names

Take a look at these pretty, adorable, and truly cute baby boy names to see if one stands out as the best choice for your son. They just seem to roll off the tongue so easily and poetically, so they’re excellent choices for a song-like name you want to say over and over! (And some of these cute baby boy names are our favorites on the list.)

490. Ace491. Aldo492. Alec493. Alex494. Ali495. Alvin496. Amos497. Andy498. Anson499. Archie500. Ari501. Arlo502. Aron503. Ashton504. Atlas505. Avery506. Bear507. Bea508. Ben509. Billy510. Bo511. Bobby512. Bodie513. Brett514. Bruno515. Cade516. Caden517. Casen518. Casey519. Caspian520. Chance521. Charlie522. Chris523. Clark524. Clyde525. Cody526. Colby527. Crosby528. Danny529. Darren530. Dash531. Drew532. Eddi533. Enzo534. Finley535. Finn536. Flynn537. Ford538. Fox539. Franco540. Gael541. Grey542. Harry543. Hugo544. Jad545. Jair546. Jairo547. Jake548. Jalen549. Jamie550. Jax551. Jaxx552. Jaxxon553. Jay554. Jerry555. Jesse556. Jimmy557. Joe558. Joey559. Johnny560. Jon561. Jonah562. Jordy563. Junior564. Kane565. Kase566. Kasen567. Kenny568. Kenzo569. Kian570. Knox571. Koa572. Kobe573. Koda574. Kody575. Krew576. Kye577. Kylan578. Kylen579. Kyler580. Kylo581. Kyr582. Layne583. Lee584. Leon585. Lian586. Louie587. Luka588. Mac589. Mack590. Makai591. Marco592. Mario593. Max594. Mekhi595. Milo596. Moses597. Moshe598. Nico599. Niko600. Noe601. Randy602. Reid603. Remi604. Remy605. Rene606. Rex607. Rey608. Ricky609. Rocco610. Ronni611. Rory612. Rudy613. Sam614. Sonny615. Tadeo616. Theo617. Thiago618. Tommy619. Tony620. Tripp621. Troy622. Tru623. Ty624. Tyler625. Wes626. Will627. Zain628. Zayd629. Zayn630. Zayne631. Zeke632. Zion

Cool and Modern Baby Boy Names

You may have your heart set on a baby name that is modern and different or, simply put, cool. That’s because your baby boy is unique and deserves an effortlessly hip name! There’s no shortage of awesome baby boy names, so keep reading to find the perfect match.

633. Aarav634. Abdiel635. Adriel636. Ahmir637. Alaric638. Alexis639. Amias640. Anakin641. Arian642. Arjun643. Armani644. Atreu645. Ayan646. Azariah647. Aziel648. Azrael649. Baker650. Baylor651. Beckett652. Beckham653. Bellam654. Benicio655. Bennett656. Benson657. Bentley658. Bjorn659. Blaine660. Boden661. Boone662. Bowen663. Brandon664. Brantley665. Brayan666. Braylen667. Braylon668. Brecken669. Brendan670. Brennan671. Bridger672. Bronson673. Cairo674. Callahan675. Callan676. Callen677. Callum678. Calum679. Camden680. Castiel681. Chaim682. Chandler683. Cohen684. Colson685. Cullen686. Dallas687. Dalton688. Damari689. Darian690. Dariel691. Davion692. Davis693. Dawson694. Dayton695. Deandre696. Denver697. Diego698. Eden699. Edison700. Elian701. Eliel702. Ellis703. Emerson704. Emery705. Emir706. Emory707. Enoch708. Finnegan709. Finnley710. Fisher711. Fletcher712. Foster713. Gatlin714. Genesis715. Hamza716. Harlan717. Harlem718. Harley719. Hassan720. Hayden721. Hayes722. Heath723. Henrik724. Holden725. Houston726. Huxley727. Ignacio728. Jacoby729. Jaden730. Jadiel731. Jagger732. Jakari733. Jamir734. Jamison735. Jaxton736. Jedidia737. Jensen738. Justice739. Keanu740. Keaton741. Keegan742. Keenan743. Kellan744. Kellen745. Kelvin746. Kendrick747. Khalid748. Khalil749. Killian750. King751. Kingston752. Kyree753. Kyrie754. Landen755. Landry756. Lane757. Lawson758. Layton759. Legac760. Legend761. Leighton762. Lennon763. Lennox764. London765. Madden766. Maddox767. Maison768. Marcel769. Marlon770. Memphis771. Merrick772. Messiah773. Miller774. Musa775. Paxton776. Peyton777. Porter778. Preston779. Prince780. Princeton781. Reed782. Reese783. Reign784. Remington785. Rome786. Russell787. Ryder788. Ryker789. Salem790. Sekani791. Shepher792. Shiloh793. Simeon794. Sincere795. Skyler796. Taylor797. Terry798. Trey799. Tristan800. Tucker801. Turner802. Uriah803. Walker804. Watson805. Waylon806. Wesson807. Westin808. Westley809. Yadiel810. Yael811. Yahir812. Yahya813. Yehuda814. Yisroel815. Zahir816. Zaid817. Zaiden818. Zaire819. Zakai820. Zander821. Zane822. Zayden

Uniquely Spelled Baby Boy Names

Set your son apart from all the other little boys with a baby name that features a unique spelling. You’ll find some classic monikers with a twist, plus other rare and unique boy names that might be totally new to you.

823. Aayan824. Aden825. Adrien826. Aidan827. Alden828. Alexzander829. Alijah830. Ameer831. Aryan832. Ayaan833. Ayden834. Aydin835. Bentlee836. Bodhi837. Brayden838. Braydon839. Brodie840. Brycen841. Caiden842. Cayson843. Ezequiel844. Isaias845. Issac846. Izaiah847. Jaiden848. Jaime849. Jakob850. Jasiah851. Javion852. Jaxen853. Jayce854. Jayceon855. Jaylen856. Jayson857. Jaziel858. Jeffery859. Johnathan860. Jovanni861. Joziah862. Juelz863. Julien864. Kaiden865. Kairo866. Kaison867. Kalel868. Kamden869. Kamdyn870. Kameron871. Kamryn872. Kannon873. Karson874. Karter875. Kash876. Kashton877. Kiaan878. Kohen879. Kristopher880. Landyn881. Leonel882. Lochlan883. Malakai884. Malakhi885. Misael886. Moises887. Raiden888. Rayan889. Rayden890. Raylan891. Reece892. Reyansh893. Rowen894. Tristen895. Tristian896. Xzavier897. Zavier898. Zechariah899. Zyaire

Romantic Baby Boy Names

If you’re looking for a name that has an air of romance and charm, like that of an Italian boys’ name, one of these following might make your shortlist. These monikers set the stage for a romantic, stately, and cute boys’ name that’s perfect for your little prince charming!

900. Adonis901. Alberto902. Alejandro903. Alessandro904. Alfonso905. Alfredo906. Alonso907. Alonzo908. Alvaro909. Amari910. Andre911. Andres912. Angelo913. Antonio914. Ariel915. Armando916. Arturo917. Camilo918. Carlos919. Carmelo920. Cristian921. Dakari922. Dakota923. Dangelo924. Dante925. Dario926. Darius927. Demetrius928. Eduardo929. Eliseo930. Elisha931. Emiliano932. Emilio933. Enrique934. Ernesto935. Esteban936. Fabian937. Felipe938. Fernando939. Francisco940. Gerardo941. Gianni942. Giovanni943. Guillermo944. Gustavo945. Jabari946. Javier947. Jesiah948. Johan949. Jorge950. Josue951. Juan952. Julio953. Julius954. Kristian955. Lachlan956. Leandro957. Leonidas958. Lorenzo959. Lucca960. Luciano961. Manuel962. Marcellus963. Marcelo964. Marcos965. Marcus966. Matteo967. Maurice968. Mauricio969. Maximiliano970. Maximo971. Miguel972. Nova973. Orlando974. Pablo975. Pedro976. Rafael977. Raphael978. Ricardo979. Roberto980. Rodrigo981. Rohan982. Romeo983. Salvador984. Salvatore985. Samir986. Santana987. Santino988. Santos989. Sergio990. Stefan991. Valentin992. Valentino993. Vicente994. Vihaan995. Vincenzo996. Vivaan997. Yosef998. Yousef999. Yusuf1000. Zachariah

One-Syllable Boy Names

Short baby names can still offer a lot of meaning, which is why one-syllable boy names are always a popular staple. From Abe to Zeek, we’ve got a number of mini monikers for you to consider for your little guy.

1001. Abe1002. Art1003. Ash1004. Axe1005. Beck1006. Birch1007. Blade1008. Blaire1009. Boaz1010. Bob1011. Brant1012. Brent1013. Brice1014. Brook1015. Buck1016. Buzz1017. Cal1018. Cale1019. Chad1020. Chet1021. Chip1022. Chuck1023. Claude1024. Cliff1025. Clint1026. Clive1027. Colm1028. Cree1029. Dale1030. Dev1031. Dirk1032. Earl1033. Flint1034. Fitz1035. Floyd1036. Frost1037. Gabe1038. Garth1039. Gates1040. Gil1041. Glenn1042. Gray1043. Gus1044. Guy1045. Hans1046. Holt1047. Jaz1048. Jean1049. Jo1050. Judd1051. Jules1052. Kaine1053. Kale1054. Kent1055. Kip1056. Kirk1057. Kit1058. Kris1059. Kurt1060. Lars1061. Leif1062. Len1063. Lev1064. Lloyd1065. Lou1066. Mick1067. Mitt1068. Moe1069. Nate1070. Nick1071. No1072. Oz1073. Park1074. Penn1075. Pike1076. Ralph1077. Rhodes1078. Riggs1079. Ross1080. Rush1081. Russ1082. Sal1083. Shay1084. Slade1085. Spike1086. Steve1087. Todd1088. Tor1089. Val1090. Vaughn 1091. Vick1092. Vince1093. West1094. Wren1095. Yates1096. Yves1097. Zach1098. Zale1099. Zeb1100. Zeek

Pampers Picks: Top 20 Baby Boy Names For 2023

If you’re looking for an awesome boy name that’s modern and fresh, you’re probably searching for what’s popular and trendy in 2023. While you wait for the SSA to publish their top boy names for 2022, we’ve scoured the trends and come up with our own predictions for the most popular baby boy names of 2023.

In 2023, baby boy name trends may mix old and new, traditional and unexpected. You’ll want to look for classic monikers that have a trendy yet vintage edge, such as the following:

1. Austin. Combine a trendy city name with an ancient origin. Austin, Texas, is one of the hippest cities in the United States, but the name also has a deeper meaning, as it comes from the Roman name Augustinus. Because this name derives from Augustus, Austin means “exalted.”

2. Easton. The name Easton has quite a cool sound to it, again mixing old and new. Easton can be a modern place name, though its origins come from Old English to mean “east town.”

3. Elias. You’ll find the name Elias is numerous languages and cultures. It’s a slightly cooler form of the Hebrew name Elijah, which means “my God is Yahweh,” as Yahweh is the Hebrew God.

4. Gabriel. Another Hebrew name, Gabriel is making a modern comeback as a polished moniker with sing-song sound. It means “God is my strong man.”

5. Jameson. Any name with the word or sound of “son” at the end typically means the son of the beginning of the moniker. So, in this case, Jameson means “the son of James.” It’s perfectly cute even if you’re not a James! Plus, it has English and Irish origins.

6. Levi. In English, Levi is pronounced LEE-vie, though other languages might pronounce it more like LEV-vee. It’s another hip yet old name, a Hebrew moniker meaning “joined, attached.”

7. Maverick. Give your little boy a strong and cool name with Maverick, a word that means “independent.” The name actually comes from a 19th-century Texas rancher who decided to do things a little different and not brand his calves. You might also recognize it from a character in the movie Top Gun.

8. Noah. Yes, another Hebrew name tops this list. There’s just something so endearing about the historic origins and the hip sounds of these monikers that make them popular in 2023. Noah means “rest, repose.”

9. Ronan. There seems to be a point when an old-fashioned name becomes hip, and the time is now for the moniker Ronan. It’s currently soaring in popularity in the United States, so it’s sure to be used a lot in 2023. Ronan is a Breton name from Old Irish and has the adorable meaning of “little seal.”

10. Sebastian. Again, 2023 is the year to give this old-fashioned name a trendy, modern moment. You can make it even cooler with the nickname Seb. From a Latin name, Sebastian means “from Sebaste,” which was once a place in modern day Turkey.

Another trend that you might see for 2023 baby boy names is a gender-neutral theme. Some awesome boy names that work for any gender and still combine the old with the new, include the following:

11. Alex. This is one of the most popular names around the world, as Alex is the short form of either Alexander or Alexandra. Both come from the Latinized Greek name Alexandros meaning “defending men.”

12. Ash. Short for Ashley, a gender-neutral name that was once more commonly used for boys and switched to be more popular with girls in the 1970s. By shortening it to Ash, you have a pretty hip moniker. It comes from an English word meaning “tree.”

13. Blake. Though typically more popular for boys, the name Blake is actually going to be equally used for boys and girls in 2023, making it the perfect pick for a unisex moniker. It comes from the Old English word to mean “black.”

14. Bobby. Is Bobby cool? It is now, especially as a gender-neutral option. To keep it trendy, the key is to use Bobby and not Bob. Plus, it has the wonderful meaning of “bright fame.”

15. Eden. Eden might only make you think of a girls’ name, but it’s actually been a gender-neutral option for a long time. In the United States, it’s getting a boost as a boys’ name. Eden is Hebrew and means “pleasure, delight.”

16. Jesse. Not only cute, but the name Jesse also has a very special meaning. As a Hebrew name, it means “gift,” and surely your new baby is an absolute gift!

17. Quinn. Cute, hip, and gender-neutral, Quinn is an Irish name derived from the moniker Conn. You have your pick of meanings, as Quinn can mean either “sense, reason” or “head, chief.”

18. Reese. Though the actor Reese Witherspoon popularized this name for girls starting in the early 2000s, Reese is also a boys’ name. It comes from the Welsh name Rhys, which could be an even cuter and cooler spelling option. It means “enthusiasm.”

19. Remi. This adorable French name had its popularity moment in 2007 thanks to the movie Ratatouille. But soon after, it became almost just as trendy for girls. Remi, pronounced REH-MEE, has a literal meaning of “rower.”

20. Wren. Sharing their name with a songbird, your little Wren will surely be music to your ears! This name has always been unisex in the United Kingdom and 2023 is the year for it to follow suit in the United States.

The Bottom Line

Once you have a short list of top baby boy names, why not involve family and friends in narrowing the field? Consider throwing a baby naming party so that your loved ones can help you settle on the best baby name for your son.If you’re looking for the perfect middle name for your baby boy, any of the above could work. However, we also have a separate list of middle names for baby boys that you may want to check out.As you prepare for little Ben’s or sweet Jaxson’s arrival, don’t forget to stock up on the essentials, like diapers and wipes. And with the Pampers Club App, you’ll get rewarded for all those future diaper changes!

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